Monday, September 15, 2014

Artist Reception Turpin Gallery

Another Fall Arts Festival Week has come and gone in Jackson Hole Wyoming.  Mark and I had a wonderful time and the trip to Turpin Gallery's new location was an experience we won't forget.

Some history about Turpin Gallery.  They were the first gallery to represent my work and it was Zach Turpin who gave me some very good advice.  "Put colorful patinas on your sculpture," he said.  So I did.  

This is an example, by the way, of an important role gallery owners and consultants can have in an artist's career.  They can be wonderful advisors and tremendous advocates for your work.  I'm not saying always take their advise.  But I always consider their thoughts and expertise.

Zach was once the dominate force and presence in the gallery at their previous location on Center Street.  Now his dad, gallery owner Ronnie Turpin, is at this new gallery location on 25 Cache Street. 

He is a sculptor as well and you can find him there sculpting his works, organizing shows, and helping collectors find the art they would most love to add to their collections from the many choices they have there at this beautiful new location.  

Fine Art expert and consultant Kiera Wakeman has stayed with Turpin Gallery for the move to their new location and I thank both Kiera and Ronnie for being such wonderful hosts while Mark and I were there.
Alex Alvis and Ronnie Turpin
One of my sculptures found new collectors over the weekend and I couldn't have been more thrilled to have been there to meet them and get to know them a little bit.

I started a new sculpture while I was there;  this sculpture is part of my Party Animal Series and is called "Magical."

It will be BIG!!  About 5' tall when finished and is a sculpture a horse (of course). 
working on "Magical" at Turpin Gallery - before reception
Alex with "Magical" model in hand explaining the creating process
The story for this sculpture is:  She (the horse...her name is Desiree...) has gone to a party and has chosen to wear a party hat in the shape of a unicorn horn!  Daisy feels very magical in her special party the name of the sculpture had to be "Magical" - what else?!

I will post photos of the progress of "Magical" from now until it is finished - at the latest - it will be done in pre-cast in February.
"Magical" travelling back to Colorado
Yes.  I will be selling only a few of this sculpture at pre-cast pricing!  This is a very unique thing for me to do.  It is an opportunity for my collectors to own a large Alex Alvis Sculpture at a very special price of $15,000.  There will only 3 of this very limited edition of only 12 sold for this dramatic pre-cast price - once it goes to the foundry - the price goes up!  A lot.

"Magical" in progress back home at the studio
This sculpture will also have a beautiful signature patina suitable for outdoors once it is in bronze and I am considering having the original scanned and coated with a durable sealant so it will so it won't be destroyed when it is made into bronze.  It would be wonderful to be able to keep an original.

Ahhh.... It's so good to be home!

'Til tomorrow - hope you make some time in your Monday for magic!


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