Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Dog Days of Summer - Day 2

Okay - you may be surprised to know that I don't just read art books.  '*GASP!*" you say? 

No - it's true.  My book library grows smaller these days though because nowadays I am working on art most all the time and have to use my hands to hold tools instead of books...but thank you books on tape.  Audible loves me.

Today's book is called "Growing a Business." by Paul Hawken.  So, of course - starting with a related Google Images search...I shall see what typing in "Growing Art" will...well let's see what that gives us?

Oh well!!   This is just too cool! 

I found this!  GROWING ART! 

It's from the My Modern Met website. 

Growing grass sculpture from artist Mathilde Roussel:

That is just amazing.   AMAZING!   Sorry - I'm a bit blown away.  Takes chia pets to a whole new avant garde level....

Okay - back to the book opening....what will it be???  ah...page 150...
"If you are fearful or grasping of money, your customer, the bank vice president, or the investor will spot this immediately, and the task of securing support will become immeasurably more difficult.  In order to be a growing business and attract capital, you must project a sense that the world is expansive.  Generosity, ampleness, and abundance draw money to ideas, people, and businesses.  This is not a mandate for waste or glitzy promotion.  It is simply knowing that your product or service touches a rich, fertile vein in the marketplace.  In other words, have confidence in yourself and your business.  This feeling will come through clearly in your dealings with people who have money, and they'll respond."
So what do you think?  Does that resonate with you??  How does that make you think about how your represent yourself and your art?  Interesting concept to think about, yes?

Okay - it is time to go on to other things...  TTFN :)


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