Friday, July 18, 2014

Dog Days of Summer - Day 5

Happy Friday everyone!  Today's book is by Charles Portis and it is called True Grit.  Perhaps some of you have heard of it.

And our search will be True Grit Art.   Let us see what we get in Google Images for that!

Oh funny.  This is my favorite.  It was listed in one of the best of street art in 2011.

It's called True Grit Grin:

Isn't that just fantastic?  You just gotta love it!

And now for our book:

....I have opened to page.........163

Rooster was holding a bottle with a little whiskey in it.  He said, "You keep on thinking that." He drained off the whiskey in about three swallows and tapped the cork back in and tossed the bottle up in the air,.  He pulled is revolver and fired at it twice and missed.  The bottle fell and rolled and Rooster shot at it two or three more times and broke it on the ground.  He got out his sack of cartridges and reloaded the pistol.  He said, "The Chinaman is running them cheap shells in on me again."  LeBoeuf said,  "I thought maybe the sun was in your eyes.  That is to say, your eye."  Rooster swung the cylinder back in his revolver and said, ""Eyes, is it?  I'll show you eyes!"  He jerked the sack of corn dodgers free from his saddle baggage.  He got one of the dodgers out and flung it in the air and fired at it and missed.  Then he flung another one up and he hit it.  The corn dodger exploded.  He was pleased with himself and he got a fresh bottle of whiskey from his baggage and treated himself to a drink."
This is a wonderful book and was a great movie - twice.  My favorite will always be the first one though.

It is time for me to ride on to other adventures today.  I hope your day has true grit and you love your work and stick to your guns!
'Til tomorrow!