Sunday, November 2, 2014

Inspiration Sunday

Welcome to another Inspiration Sunday, the first Sunday in November.  If you are in the U.S. (I think Arizona does not do daylight savings time...) did you remember to turn your clocks back last night? 
"I believe in listening to cycles.  I listen by not forcing.  If I am in a dead working period, I wait, though these periods are hard to deal with.  I'll be content if I get started again..."   ~Lee Krasner
©Lee Crasner - Gaea
"I love making art...It's largely how I see myself.  I'm an artist, therefore I have to make art."   ~Chuck Close
Courtesy Sienna Shields © Chuck Close, courtesy Pace Gallery
"I'll take weeks out doing drawings, watercolor studies, I may never use.  I'll throw them in a backroom, never look at them again or drop them on the floor and walk over them.  But I feel that the communion that has seeped into the subconscious will eventually come out in the final picture."  ~Andrew Wyeth
©Andrew Wyeth - Young Bull
"Here I am...happy, completely happy.  I have had a wonderful day of painting.  It is not that I have accomplished anything in particular, but it's the thought of all I could do that makes me almost crazy with joy."  ~Paula Modersohn-Becker
©Paula Modersohn-Becker - A Sitzendes Maedchen mit
Verschraenkten Armen (A Sitting Maiden with Crossed Arms)
"I paint my own reality.  I paint because I need to, and I paint always whatever passes through my head, without any other consideration."  ~Frida Kahlo
©Frida Kahlo - Roots
"To become truly immortal a work of art must escape all human limits:  logic and common sense will only interfere.  But once these barriers are broken it will enter the regions of childhood vision and dream."  ~Giorgio De Chirico
©Giorgio De Chirico - Metaphysical Interior with Sun which Dies
"The minute I sat in front of a canvas, I was happy.  Because it was a world, and I could do as I like in it."  ~Alice Neel
©Alice Neel - Elenka
"I decided I was a very stupid fool not to at least paint as I wanted to and say what I wanted to when I painted, as that seemed to be the only thing I could do that didn't concern anybody but myself."  ~Georgia O'Keefe
©Georgia O-Keefe - Rust Red Hills
"Art is the opposite of nature.  A work of art can come only from the interior of man."  ~Edvard Munch
©Edvard Munch - Shore With Red House
"First and foremost, artists should give up self pity and do their work.  Despair and fear of failure must be fought against as the enemies of creativity."  ~Donna Marxer
©Donna Marxer - Hurrah for the Red, White, and Blue
Hope this helps inspire you to work like crazy this next week without regard for anything other than what is in your heart.  Wishing you a very creatively blessed Sunday today and since tomorrow is Monday I may have time to blog...but I may not.  Whichever is the case I wish you a good day tomorrow too!