Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Painting Outside

Today I painted outside.  I cannot say it was done en plein air since I didn't finish it and will be finishing it in the studio - but I got a start on it outside.  It is fun to paint outdoors on a beautiful day.

I know.  It doesn't look like much right now - and the subject of the painting, the foals, are not yet painted in, but this is how a painting sometimes starts, with an underpainting "sketch" of values and shapes in colors often the opposite of the final colors they will be at the end.

First Layer - Dry Creek Quartet Painting
What do you think?  It looks pretty darn weird right now but using complementary colors as the underpainting in a painting helps liven up the final colors and adds a sense of depth. 

You will notice that the blob on the left is green and is a tree sure enough.  That is a Russian Olive tree and has many bright silvery leaves so the dark is just the base for the shadow areas.

I am painting this picture to donate to The Cloud Foundation of the rescued foals from a BLM roundup last March.   Once they have the painting, it is up to them what they will do with it - maybe they will auction it off at one of their events.
A very wonderful veterinarian with a huge heart for all animals, especially horses, has been caring for these precocious youngsters for many months now.  Lisa Jacobson Dvm had a lot to worry about where these little ones were concerned in the beginning - but took on the challenge with her typical good natured self. 
At first she had to give them milk replacer and pro-biotics and tons of other things to carefully care for them in their early days - since they were orphaned before they were old enough to be weaned.  Their moms and the rest of their family were rounded up by the BLM and then shipped off to a company in Canada to be slaughtered. 
Despite their difficult start in life they are strong and healthy and well adjusted thanks to all the people who intervened on their behalf.  They have Lisa to thank for that most of all, I think.

The Dry Creek Quartet in May

Lisa is caring for several wonderful horses.  If you are looking for a horse for yourself or someone else - contact Lisa.  The horses in her care are all healthy and happy.  You can contact Lisa on her Facebook page.  You can see all the antics of the Dry Creek Quartet, the subject of my latest painting, on her Facebook page too!

Hope everyone had a art filled Tuesday.
I'll be back tomorrow!