Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Next??

So what do I typically do after I have an "armature sketch?"

Time is spent adding layers to the sculpture and waiting for them to dry.  Looking back over photos I found a few House Horse Series photos.  Here is one of "Relax!"  - you can still see the wire armature in her tail hasn't been covered by clay yet.

"Relax!" in the beginning

"Itchy!" in the beginning

and here is one of "Itchy!"  It just starts with a lot of basic shapes and they look very funny at first.

"Watch!" in the beginning
and this is "Watch!" - you can see the differences from start to finish.

"Watch!" finished sculpture in bronze
When I imagined "Watch!" I saw her running up to the window and sliding to an abrupt stop and so as I sculpted her during the months ahead, I would put her back in front of that window where I first saw her. 

Over the months by that window next to the front door I could see her face there when I pulled the car into the driveway.  It was her window...of course, our cat thought it was her window too and would frequently send "Watch!" in progress sliding across the tile floor.

Next installment of a Alex Alvis Sculpture becoming on the Monday post because the next post is inspiration Sunday :).

'Til then!