Thursday, July 17, 2014

Dog Days of Summer - Day 4

Today Yay - the week is well on it's way to the week's end.  For some of you that's a good thing, for some of you it is a bad thing, for artists it is a mixed bag really.  Today though - OUR BOOK!

It is.......The Art of Power by that rascal Thich Nhat Hanh

An images google search brings up many images after the entry ZEN POWER ART - but one that I really liked was this one:

This is a painting done by Marcia Baldwin called Power Inside of You.

And - as for our book quote today:

.....from page......112

At first, people are infatuated with an image they see as beautiful.  They want to possess this image, and they suffer because of this.  But after they wake up and see that it is a deception, they push away this image to look for another object of infatuation.  They may wander their whole lives, from lifetime to lifetime, unable to find the real object of their love.  But if we can find someone who has a steady faith in her own goodness, beauty, and truth, we can look at this person as a reflection of ourselves in order to return to ourselves and be in touch with the basic goodness, beauty and truth in us."
And, I think with all we create too.

Thank you for reading today and I hope your day is full of the steady faith of your own goodness.

'Til tomorrow!


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