Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Painting Day 2

Well, it's coming along.  The sky first and I spend them most time there today (probably pretty obvious) and then put in the farthest background...cooler, darker...the middle ground a little warmer and a little lighter...and then just the base of the foreground because there will be more detail in the grass.  Roughed in the Quartet with a wash of ultramarine, rose and cadmium yellow and had to call it a (half) day.

Day 2 - sorry about the weird lighting vertical striping effect sure looks a lot different than yesterday!

I'm including Day 1
just so you don't have to scroll down :)

There is still a lot to do with this one but it's feeling pretty good so far.  I won't get back to it tomorrow as there is family in town for the holiday weekend.  But I will be back with the next segment of it on Monday, so stay tuned.

Got to go today...time to feed the cows and collect eggs.  Hope you had a wonderful day and I love feedback...just saying...

'Till tomorrow!


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