Monday, July 21, 2014

Unlimited Power

God help me, I do indeed have an Anthony Robbins book. 

TONY ...yes. 

Well.  I could only wish to have half his energy.  But, you know.  If wishes were horses....

So Unlimted Power is the last book I pulled from my library to turn to a section.  And what I found in Google Images when I put in "Unlimited Power Art" took me on an interesting journey.  I saw a photo of an artist, Alvaro Cardona-Hines standing in front of a painting of his.  This is the image:

But that's not the whole story.  Because in discovering this image I discovered something even more interesting. 
As you may know, in Google Images you can choose to just view the image or visit the page where the image is located.  I did both and I'm very glad I chose to push the "visit the page" button because it led me to a very wonderful and inspiring blog and I hope so very much that you will visit it.
It is contains humble stories of one artist's journey and sprinkled within its pages are many words of wisdom for artists.  This particular blog is written by  .  Her blog is titled High Road Artist.  I liked it very much and maybe you will too. 
This particular blog entry was written in February of 2011 and is titled Art Matters: Alvaro Cardona-Hine Answers Why is Art Important?
I hope you will check it out and give it a read.
So - now lets go to the random-opening-to-whatever-page of Tony's intrepid book, Unlimited POWER ...shall we?
Here goes:
Okay.  My finger landed on page 214 - right in the middle of the page.  This quote is there:
"Where there is no vision, people persish."
 --Proverbs 29:18
and the paragraph under that reads:
"Now you should do one final thing:  make a list of the things you already have that were once goals --all the things in your ideal day you can already do, the activities and people of your life you are most grateful for, the resources you already have available to you.  I call this a gratitude diary.  Sometimes people get so fixated on what they want, they fail to appreciate or use what they already have.  The first step toward a goal is seeing what you have, giving thanks for it, and applying it to future achievements.  We all have ways to make our lives better at any moment.  Achieving your wildest dreams should begin today with the everyday steps that can put you on the right path.  Shakespeare once wrote, "Action is eloquence."  Begin today with eloquent action that will lead to even more eloquent outcomes."

I think that is a very good thought to end the day with.  May it make you tomorrow even better than it would have otherwise been.

"Til then -


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