Monday, July 7, 2014

Velazquez and his paintings Part 3

I promised more detail of Las Meninas - here it is.

and a closer look at the girl to the left of Margarita (and thanking the Museo del Prado for the image):

So amazing.  Describing his work are words such as "mastery of expression, penetration into character and rendering the life of his sitter to the quick."

Here is a photo of an earlier work of his, El Aquador.  He hasn't mastered all his technique at this point and this is just so, yellow and brown.  The detail is stunning but this is not abject realism but perfection of realism blended with a painterly painting.  Check out the detailed photos after.  And I will go to sleep tonight and dream of being even 1/16th as good at any art I create....ever. about painting what you see and not just what you think you see...

'Til tomorrow.


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