Saturday, August 30, 2014

Farm Girl Saturday Morning

Yes, it's true.  My husband has prevailed upon me to help him finish fencing the south pasture this morning.  As of today, we have no real horses, although this was the intention of moving away from the burbs.  As fate would have it, my horse sculptures turned out to be more popular with the world at large than I would have ever thought possible.

Mark loading up the flatbed with the equipment we need to make fences

I'm not complaining.  I was up at 5:30 this morning specifically so I could get a package ready for a collector in Indiana.  Her Certificate of Authenticity for the sculpture she bought at Sculpture in the Park was long over due.  But I wanted to send her other things too.  A personal note and some photos of us taken together at the show.  Create a nice takes time...a rare commodity in my life... but I cherish my collectors - whether I meet them and know them personally or not - as much as they cherish my sculpture.

So, I don't have enough time in my life to devote to the care and attention a real horse would require.  As luck would have it, we are surrounded by horses owned by our neighbors and they are happy for me to visit with them any time I wish.  Sometimes, if they go out of town, I even get to spend some time taking care of them.  I love that.

So, what are the fences for?  You may be wondering.  We have cows :).  Mostly Dexters.

Well.  I have to go - farm girl morning - sculpting girl afternoon.  That's my day.
Hope your Saturday is productive and fun.  Tomorrow is Inspiration Sunday!

'Til tomorrow!


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