Thursday, August 28, 2014

Importance of Arts Orgainizations to Artist's Careers

I think there is a lot of positive energy that comes to the artist from joining and supporting artists organizations.  Since artists and the creating they do can suffer from the natural isolation we must create for ourselves - if we surround ourselves with people who believe what we believe about creating art and why we do it and that we want our business to be successful - even if it is another artist writing a blog, or listening to a podcast such as Artists Helping Artists while you're working in your studio - joining forces with like minded individuals somehow will help you.

If you follow me on Facebook, then maybe you know that one of my sculptures won an award from the American Women Artists Association.  The Award of Recognition for 3-D. 
Yes, I got a ribbon and a check and some great prizes.  But the biggest award I received is something that cannot be seen.  Validation from my peers that why I do what I do and how I do recognized by others...and these others are such very talented artists in their own right.

This is an opinion about my work from other people that I trust.  And why do I trust them?  Because they are talented woman artists and we share a common purpose, shared values and beliefs about art, they are part of my community, they formed this organization to help me.  Me.  And maybe you too.
An effective organization has a purpose that is shared by all its members and to which they will willingly commit their efforts.  People working together can do almost anything.    ~James Hayes 
Even if, while thinking about organizations that may be important to you, you find that there is no one local that can meet your needs, you can always start your own organization.  You don't just have to have other artists join - invite people from other professions to become supporting members; marketing professionals, legal professionals, design professionals - all could contribute their knowledge and experience in very important ways.

Today I am back to working on that submission.  I received tremendous support from my own little organization husband took all the words I worked so hard to craft into artist statements and project proposals...and without changing my ideas or my intent - condensed them into that 1000 character minimum with such care, respect, and skill that I was left with nothing but gratitude. 

As artists, we all need people like that in our lives.  If you are not blessed with a supportive and talented spouse and business partner - or even if you are - join an organization, make some friends, find your mentors.  You will find them invaluable to your sanity and your career.

Wishing you an empowered and creative day!

'Til tomorrow!

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