Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday in Jackson

Monday.  The beginning of my workweek in the town of Jackson, Wyoming.

It was a balmy 41 degrees when we ventured out to a delicious breakfast at The Bunnary.  Croissants to die for...although...I have never been to France and I suspect they may be even better there. 

We got in town yesterday, listened to the Miller Sisters in the square and made note of some of the different and new things in town since we were here a year ago.  We peered in the windows of Turpin Gallery (closed on Sunday), having not been to visit since they opened at their new location this year.  Looking good!
We will be seeing them this afternoon and this morning I will be doing some more work on my demonstration sculpture.

It's going to be an excellent week, I can just feel it!

Hope you will have an excellent week this week too.

I'll try to post again tomorrow.

'Till then...


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