Monday, September 1, 2014

Procrastination and other Frustrations

I have been working on my website.  This is a frustration for me because I am not in the studio and sculpting when I am doing anything else.  Because I get frustrated I procrastinate and then I get further frustrated because I KNOW I am procrastinating, of course.  It's like walking around in circles.  I'm not getting my website done...I'm not sculpting either....

Just look at that floor.  Really, when did I last vacuum?  It will just take a minute...

There is a really good book I've downloaded and listened to recently called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield.  There is another one I want to listen to as well called How to Conquer Your Frustrations by William Knaus.

Unfortunately it is not a recorded book.  Fortunately - it is a free one and you can read it by clicking on this link.

I love the post, How to Tackle Resistance to Make Positive Life Changes, written by psychotherapist and Holistic Health Coach Angela Marchesani on the Tiny Buddha website.
In it she writes: 
I felt as if I was fated to feel unfulfilled and discontent for the rest of my life. I felt like maybe everyone was fated to repeat maladaptive patterns and self-sabotaging mistakes.
My, how things have changed.
Since then, I’ve taken significant steps toward major changes in my life, all bringing me closer to a joyful life based on my “anchors,” or values. My life continues to open up and I am presented with new opportunities daily.
But tackling something like resistance is tricky.  I think this is mostly so because of the time it takes ...and the word, tackle, seems to imply that something will change right away if you do this overcoming resistance dad's expression was "take the bull by the horns."

It's bull that taking resistance by the horns will cause immediate change, that it will help you on your journey to yourself, to your joyful life based on your anchors and values.

This journey is more like walking down a long hallway toward an arch at the other end where you will reach that goal of You you are walking toward.  The hallway you're walking down is pretty dark. 

Through that arch is some really nice golden is a compelling soft and warm glow.  In there is You - the you deeeep waaay deep down inside you know is you. 

You're scared.  What if, once you get there it's just you and...well.  You?

On your way down that dark hallway, a door opens and someone tries to grab you...or a door opens and a huge wind blows you down...another door opens and the smell of wonderful food and laughter are inside...another door opens and someone hands you a telephone...or tickets for a cruise...or so much money you won't have to DO anything EVER AGAIN...why YOU have won the LOTTERY!  Oh goody!

You know.  You can say to yourself.  It's life!  And you can just say that - through that arch is who you are and what you are and what you are meant to be but ONLY once you experience what is coming at you through those know...on the other side of those doors!  It's Life!  Life Happens (or...was that expression...what was it???  ....oh yeah....I think really it was......shit happens!?!?!?)

Have you ever heard someone say "My LIFE has TURNED to SHIT!!" 

Maybe that person might have done better by grabbing the doorknobs of some of those doors, slammed them shut and then and walked on...because resistance to you being who you are supposed to be...well.  It really will kick the shit out of you.

It's so - ah...So Slippery...

Do you really think what you could experience walking through all those doors are the things that make who is through that arch at the end the REAL you?  Are you sure what is behind those doors aren't just ...manifestations of resistance

Here's a thought for you (and me...)  Maybe the way it works is this:  Once you walk through that arch and step into that golden light of You...what if that Chamber of You is lined with other doors?  Doors that open to things that are more appropriate to the you who is You?


So here you are, in a chamber full of golden light and a door opens...and nothing inside wants to distract you from You...nothing kicks the shit out of you.

'Til tomorrow, hope today is day is a day of you for You...
come on, do it for yourself.  And for us too...don't deprive us of who you really are :) ...please?


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