Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why Collect Art?

It is said that Art is the top luxury commodity.  I hate to think of art this way.  It isn't a handbag, or a diamond, or a bottle of Dom Pérignon Oenothèque.

Art is conceived from the imagination of one person (usually) and that conception is expressed by that one person and very finely crafted (usually) by hand as well.  If it is replicated, it is very often replicated by least in the case of finely chased bronze sculpture.

Something about it resonates with someone who sees it and they must have it.  Usually, it doesn't matter if the cost is high or low or somewhere in between. 

How many times have you taken money concerns too much to heart when you encounter the very work of art that lights you up  - and you did not take it home and have regretted it always? 

It seems that by now we would know that if a work of art resonates profoundly with us, the money part of the equation always somehow works itself out. 

I saw a painting at a show the beginning of August.  I still miss it.  I will always miss it.  It said that thing a special to you work of art says to your heart..."I belong with home is with you..."

You know what I mean?

There is a book written by a couple who have run an art advisory service for years and years in New York City.  A city where the art scene thrives, because it is a city where the art community is continually passionate about celebrating the arts and educating the public about the arts.

I am going to get ahold of this book and read it.  If you have already - let me know how you liked it.

It is written by Thea and Ethan Wagner and has wonderful things to say about art collecting for the experienced collect as well as someone who wants to begin their collection.  This from the About the Book section:
Collecting Art for Love, Money and More looks at why collecting art is a completely unique experience that offers emotional, intellectual and social rewards. The authors argue that the motivations for acquiring a work of art and building a collection, unlike buying anything else, may be any combination of investment potential, aesthetics, love of art, challenge, intellectual exploration, social status, adrenaline rush, ego-building or public attention.
I'm going to get ahold of this book looks very interesting.

I would love to hear why you collect art.

'Til tomorrow - wishing you an educational Wednesday!


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