Thursday, October 23, 2014

A Wonder Woman Blast from the Past

So.  As you may or may not know, I've been researching each artist listed as having been in the WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution show in 2007 and I am now to the artists on the list who's last names begin with the letter "B".

Today the artist I am learning more about is a video artist, Dara Birnbaum.  It isn't really my thing to talk about video artists, as I have said before.  But for all you video artists who might be interested I decided to stick with it this time.

I found some good resources about Birnbaum and I will share those with you.

From The Feminist Art Project website, which - I very much hope you will explore further:
Who is The Feminist Art Project?
The Feminist Art Project brings together feminist artists, curators, authors and art critics, teachers and other art and museum professionals across cultural backgrounds, generations and widespread locations to refocus public attention on the significant achievements of women artists and the Feminist Art Movement. TFAP’s policies and initiatives are overseen by its National Coordinating Committee. TFAP Regional Coordinators across the globe are spearheading activities in their regions. TFAP’s Program Partners are committed to increasing the visibility of feminist art and to promote The Feminist Art Project.
From this site was the image below.  Important to include I think because - if you've never been to a museum and experienced a video installation -
you cannot really get the idea of what it might be like just looking at a You Tube video on your computer.

Speaking of You Tube videos.  James Rowland made this video about Dara Birnbaum that is a good overview of her work.

Next on the list of artists on the WACK website is Louise Bourgeois but I have already devoted a post to talking about Louise and if you haven't read it yet just click here

I wrote that post back when I was attempting to devote a certain day of the week to a certain subject.  Alas, that much self- imposed structure never seems to work well for me :}.

So - tomorrow we are progressing in our list past the artists who's last names begin with the letter "B" to the artists who's last names begin with the letter "C".

Theresa Hak Kyung Cha is who we will talk about tomorrow.

Wishing you a fantastic Thursday!

'Til tomorrow!


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