Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Art Gallery Wednesday

It's October.  I love this poem by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow on the passage of time.  It's titled A Psalm of Life.  I have paired it in a photo of the progress of "Magical" to date. 

Today will be a big studio day of working on this sculpture.  I have to wait days in between the applications of clay for it to be dry enough to continue.  So far I have used over $100 worth of clay on this sculpture. 

This sculpture will be an expensive original - one reason why I want to have it scanned to make a foam model for casting.  That way the original won't be destroyed and it will be a special original sculpture in it's own right.

In other news - I took you on a tour of artworks of other artists represented by the galleries representing me.  I did not take you to Beijing, China, however.  And so I wanted you to see some of the other artists Frogman Gallery represents.  If you're ever in Beijing, I hope you will stop by this gallery and say "hello" to my sculpture.

Robert Bissell - The Moonlighters

John Kotsis - Ying Yang
Michael Parks - book cover

Rosetta - The Leap
So that's the scoop for this Wednesday.  I hope you visit the Frogman Gallery virtually and experience what my artist profile sounds like translated from Chinese into English with Bing Translator...pretty humorous.  And I hope you have a terrific day today!

'Til tomorrow!


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