Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Contemporary Art Wednesday AND NEW GALLERY sneak peak

I want to share with you the other artists work at the galleries who represent my work too.  I will be doing this on Wednesday from now until I run out of artists to talk about.  I am proud to say that my sculpture looks at home with different art styles - and the galleries who represent my work reflect that.
Here is a painting, done in oil, by Karla Mann who is also represented by the Jackson, Wyoming gallery also representing my work;  Turpin Gallery.  This painting is titled "Life's a Picnic"
Leaving Wyoming and heading into the mountains of Colorado, we will make a stop in Vail and Breckenridge and step inside a new gallery that just received my sculpture last week - Art on a Whim Gallery.  In Art on a Whim you will see one of my favorite paintings (a giclee special limited edition) called "The Swimmer" by Robert Bissell.  The imagination in his paintings is pretty fabulous, I think.
Leaving the Colorado mountains and heading south and further south still to the artsy little town of Tubac, Arizona you will find many galleries.  Head on over to Rogoway Turquoise Tortoise Gallery and you will see my horses there, right as you walk in.  You will also see some amazing work by artist Michaelin Otis.  This collage is called "Alert Harris".
Next, for your travels you decide to head east to Texas and find yourself in the picturesque little town of Fredericksburg.  You are drawn to a stone house that has been beautifully converted into an art gallery called the RS Hanna Gallery and you are lucky enough to find the charming Shannon Hanna herself at the gallery (will you tell her I said "Hello" ?). 
Along with a few of my horses you will see some fabulous art such as paintings and sculpture by fellow Colorado artists Lindsey Bittner Graham and Dan Glanz.  I love Lindsey's loose painterly style and the way she communicates emotion in her work and Dan's sculptures of animals are so expressive.
Above is one of Lindsey's paintings called, "Rising Star".
and the sculpture below is one of Dan's sculptures titled "Bacon on the Breeze".
Now, should you decide to continue East and a little bit South toward Houston town, you might stop off at the newest gallery representing my sculptureThe Gallery at Brookwood.  They just received the first sculptures from us yesterday and I don't have photos yet, but I am feeling very good about them being here. 

Brookwood is a non-profit community providing spiritual, educational and vocational opportunities for adults with special needs.  A portion of the sales of my sculpture help support the citizens of this community and they have some awesome artists in their gallery.  The pastels of artist, Rita Kirkman are among my favorites...I just love her cows!
There you go - the tour of the galleries representing my sculpture is officially over.  We may do this again next Wednesday.  Tomorrow is Art History Thursday!

'Til tomorrow!


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