Sunday, September 21, 2014

Inspiration Sunday

Good morning and how are you doing today...hmmm?  Can you believe it is almost the end of September?  I am just amazed that it is almost winter time. 

It has been a very busy time the last few months for Mark and me and I am looking forward to settling back in to my regular end of summer season routine.  Maybe I'll even have some time to paint again. 

I will have to make an announcement about my contest for comments in the blog in return for a choice of a painting...I need to extend the three month period I had set since painting is only something I can do if I have the luxury of time.
Not that I'm complaining.  I have had time to sculpt and although that is my profession, I consider it a luxury all the same. 

In addition to the new gallery in Breckenridge and Vail, my sculpture is going to be in ANOTHER new gallery and I will share with you the details of that gallery this week when I get some photos from them.

This new gallery is another Texas gallery - an addition to the gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas, RS Hanna Gallery. 

Since Texas is such a big state, we decided two galleries in Texas would be okay.  Plus this new gallery has some very special aspects to it that are somewhat different from a more traditional gallery.  But - more on that later!

Hope you have been having a very enjoyable weekend and have made some time to relax and that you enjoy today's quote and they provide some inspiration to you for the week ahead.  Here they are:
Art is creative for the sake of realization, not for amusement:  for transfiguration, not for the sake of play.  It is the quest of our self that drives us along the eternal and never-ending journey we must all make. ~ Max Beckmann 1884-1950
I don't demand that all work be a masterpiece.  I think what I am doing is the right thing for me - that is what I am and this is living.  It reflects me and I reflect it. ~ Louise Nevelson 1900-1988
We all name ourselves.  We call ourselves artists.  Nobody asks us.  Nobody says you are or you aren't. ~ Ad Reinhardt 1913-1967
To be an artist is to believe in life. ~ Henry Moore 1898-1986
I feel anyone who does anything great in art and culture is out of control.  It is done by people who are possessed. . . . Yet the whole exciting thing about art has to do with being out of control.  It has to do with real things. ~ Nancy Grossman 1940-
An odd contradiction, if the layman were correct in his unconscious assumption that the artist begins with reality and ends with art:  the converse is true _ to the degree that this dichotomy has any truth - the artist begins with art, and through it arrives at reality. ~ Robert Motherwell 1915-1991
And there are two sorts of beauty; on is the result of instinct, the other of study.  A combination of the two, with the resulting modifications, brings with it a very complicated richness, which the art critic ought to try to discover. ~ Paul Gauguin 1848-1903
Philosophers and aestheticians may offer elegant and profound definitions of art and beauty, but for the painter they are all summed up in this phrase:  To create a harmony. ~ Gino Severini 1883-1966
If a man devotes himself to art, much evil is avoided that happens otherwise if one is idle. ~ Albrecht Durer 1471-1528
Durer - Young Hare
Come quickly.  You mustn't miss the dawn.  It will never be just like this again.              ~ Georgia O'Keeffe 1887-1986 (to her house guests at her Abiquin House, 1951)
Wishing you a Sunday full of all good things!

'Til tomorrow -


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