Saturday, November 1, 2014

I can See the Sea

Artist Iola de Freitas is our artist to talk about today, one of the artists included in the WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution show in 2007.  She is Brazilian and has travelled quite a long way, artistically, from where she started back in the 70's with photography. 

Today, she is considered a site specific installation artist and a sculptor working primarily with stainless steel and pliable materials such as sheets of plastic.

Since she is Brazilian and not even the English version of Wikipedia has information on her, I have had some extra researching to do.  There is a very cool video of her work with her narration on You Tube.  But it is in Spanish with no subtitling.  It's a visually amazing video all the same.  If Spanish is one of the languages you know (or even if it isn't) you might want to check that out.  There is also an interview about her on Artslant and the Gallery Raquel Arnaud site has an English version of it's page about Freitas and great photos of her works.

Rather than write about her I thought it would be fun to let her work speak for itself - arranged from the 70's to today.  I love the forms and color and rhythm and organic shapes in her work today and the way it interacts with the light and flow of the environment and space the works occupy.

© Iole de Freitas-Glass Pieces, Life Slices
Photography 1973-1981
© Iole de Freitas-Untitled fabric & metal 1992
© Iole de Freitas- Untitled Cloth Object
Sheet Metal, Copper wires - 1992

© Iole de Freitas - Untitled 2009

© Iole de Freitas - artist with reinstallation of work outside
A├žude Museum in the Tijuda Forest, a mountainous hand-planted
rainforest in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil -
claimed to be the world's largest urban forest.

© Iole de Freitas-Documenta 12 Installation 2007
second floor gallery of the Museum Fridericianum 
© Iole de Freitas - Caho

Untitled, ©Iole de Freitas, 2013 polycarbonate printing
Green and aluminum, 100m² x 4 m in height,
Casa Daros, Rio de Janeiro
Hope you are enjoying this first day of November and your weekend and this little retrospective of the works of Iola de Freitas.

Tomorrow is Inspiration Sunday of course.

'Til then!


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